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A Runner’s Life

Marcus Brown

A Runner’s Life
40 min2020 NOV 23
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This conversation is with elite runner Seth James DeMoor.

He’s an incredible athlete. He’s a 2:23 marathoner and has only competed in two of them. He holds the FKT (fastest known time) on several trails throughout Colorado. He’s represented the U.S. in the Mountain World Running Championships.

We discuss running with his US teammate Joseph Gray who was featured in episode 59.

This conversation was recorded earlier this year, when he recently won the Pike’s Peak Marathon a challenging ascent and descent marathon that climbs and descends 7,000 feet. This marathon holds special meaning to him as his father competed in it.

Seth has built up a succesful YouTube Channel, where he’s been vlogging daily since 2015. He has put in the work and now he has built an incredible community, with over 112k (Nov 2020) subscribers.

Seth’s known for some quotable phrases such as “Butter My Bread” which he explains then meaning of in this conversation.

We talk about lessons he has learned from former coach’s, his father and how he applies it to his running. We discuss race preparation, racing including mantras.

Seth also discusses some long term goals he has, and the importance of his family to his life.

You can follow Seth on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SethDeMoor

Or on Instagram @sethjamesdemoor

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