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A Runner’s Life

Marcus Brown

A Runner’s Life
59 minJAN 4
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In this conversation we discuss:

  • How to clarify your running why;

  • How to shift your perspective, in challenging moments;

  • The importance of developing awareness;

  • How to develop mental resilience in your running;

  • And much more.

This conversation is with Psychologist and CBT Therapist Psychologist Joanna Rodriguez, who has over 10 years of practical experience working in a variety of NHS and private settings.

Joanna is a passionate athlete, with a marathon PR of 3:00:47.

She is mum to 3 boys. She also works in education and media.

She has featured on several television programmes, and she was the Psychologist for the Bear Grylls show Breaking point.

You can follow her on Instagram at @straightforwardpsychology or online at joannarodriguez.co.uk

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