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A Runner’s Life

Marcus Brown

A Runner’s Life
47 minJAN 11
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In this conversation with Carly we discuss:

  • Breaking a sub 3 hour marathon;

  • How running helps her physical and mental well-being;

  • How she manages negative self talk whilst running;

  • How she’s managing training and racing during the COVID-19 pandemic;

  • Why she runs today, compared to how she started;

  • How she tries to find balance whilst being an A type person.

Carly got into running in 2016 and developed a love for marathons. She has completed 11 marathons ranging from times of 3:49 to her current personal record of 2:55.

She works work full time as a pharmacist, concurrently she’s putting in the graft. In 2020 she ran 4000 miles which equates to a weekly average of 76 miles.

You can follow her on Instagram at @carlyspat

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