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A Runner’s Life

Marcus Brown

A Runner’s Life
48 minJAN 14
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This conversation is with Dr. Gavin McClean a Sport Scientist, Researcher, Exercise Physiologist, and the founder of Running Smarter. This conversation was recorded in 2020, and we discussed:

  • How and why running by heart rate can allow you to run faster, whilst enjoying the process more.

  • What muscle groups, you need to target during your strength & conditioning sessions as a runner.

  • Tips to help you can achieve  running success.

  • We dive into the science of running in the heat and tips to acclimatise.

  • And he busts some running myths along the way, such as running is not bad for your knees.

  • Plus much more.

Follow Gavin @running_smarter for free tips or get in touch with Gavin at www.runningsmarter.co.uk/kickstart

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