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A Runner’s Life

Marcus Brown

A Runner’s Life
77 minJAN 18
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This conversation is with Simon Freeman who is Co-founder of the running magazine Like the Wind. We discuss:

  • What does a runner’s life mean to him;

  • Where his drive to see what his capable of comes from;

  • What’s his motivation to run and his future running goals;

  • Going for your running potential;

  • The why behind the magazine;

  • And much more.

Simon took up running just before turning 30 in an attempt to get fit after years of an unhealthy lifestyle. Having caught the running bug, Simon went on to run dozens of marathons – ending up with a personal best time of 2:37:07 – as well as other road race distances, trail races, and ultra-marathons. Simon is passionate about the positive impact that running can have on our mental and physical wellbeing. He also believes in the power of storytelling, working with brands and individuals to unleash their stories.

Like the Wind exists to tell stories about 'why we run (not how to run)'. The aim is to inspire, motivate, move, and educate readers, publishing stories on racism, gender inequality, the environment, and poverty through the lens of running.

You can follow Simon and Like the Wind on Instagram at

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