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Let me BORE you to SLEEP - zzzzzzzzz

Jason Newland

Let me BORE you to SLEEP - zzzzzzzzz
63 min2018 JUL 23
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https://www.jasonnewland.com/ #36 Let me bore you to sleep - zzzzzzzzz - Jason Newland's FREE Boredom Service Hello.My name is Jason Newland. I am a Counsellor and Hypnotist from Colchester, Essex, England. I decided to be extremely boring in thos recording.Theres is no hypnosis, or guided relaxation here. It's just me talking about my daily routine. I also discuss my bags for life that I have purchased from Iceland Frozen food store. I go into quite detail, a conversation that I had with a counter assistant in Iceland, as I attempted to change my bags for life. I had 2 carrier bags which had cost me 50p each. I bought them in December 2017. In about February 2018 I decided that carrying my frozen food home in bags that had christmassy decorations printed on them was not really very seasonal. So, I thought I would get them changed for more generic green bags that Iceland sell throughout