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Let me BORE you to SLEEP - zzzzzzzzz

Jason Newland

Let me BORE you to SLEEP - zzzzzzzzz
63 min2018 JUL 27
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https://www.jasonnewland.com/ #38 Let me BORE you to SLEEP - zzzzzzzzz - Jason Newland's FREE Hypnosis Service Hi. My name is Jason Newland. I am a hypnotist and Counsellor. This recording me being very boring for an hour. My aim is to bore you to sleep. In this tedious session, I discuss Superheroes. I talk about Superhero television programs, from my childhood. Also, I discuss Wonder Woman, who is my all time favourite TV Superhero. After naming the various televiosio shows which focused on Superhero's, I move onto the Superhero films. I remember first watching the original 3 Superman films. I talk about the newer Marvel films that I love watching. All in all, I manage to talk for over an hour, just listing the different films and tv shows that I recall viewing, over the years, from the age of 8 until now (aged 47). I am a major fan of all the Superhero films. Of course, some I like mo