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Let me BORE you to SLEEP - zzzzzzzzz

Jason Newland

Let me BORE you to SLEEP - zzzzzzzzz
62 min2018 JUL 28
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https://www.jasonnewland.com/ #39 Let me bore you to sleep - zzzzzzzzz - Jason Newland's FREE Boredom Service Hi. My name is Jason Newland. I am a hypnotist and Counsellor. This recording me being very boring for an hour. My aim is to bore you to sleep. In this boring session I tell a pointless story about nothing. I should let you know that I coughed a couple of times during this recording. But I couldn't be bothered to edit it out. Only listen or watch if you can safely close your eyes. Obviously you can't watch the video and have your eyes closed at the same time. You can, however listen to this free insomnia video. I should also point out that this session that has been recorded specifically to help you to fall asleep, may cause drowsiness. That's about it really. I can't think of anything else to say. I suppose I could tell you a bit about the short waste of time story, but I don't