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Arizona Science
5 MIN2017 MAR 3
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The need to understand a handful of puzzling experimental results that are in violation of established classical physics led in the early 20th Century to a physics revolution and the development of quantum mechanics. One of the counter-intuitive aspects of this theory, the wave-particle duality, challenges our classical, common-sense understanding of physical reality in profound and perhaps unsettling ways, opening a window to a world that is apparently absurd. Yet these elusive quantum attributes not only thrill physicists; they have completely revolutionized our everyday life through technological developments that include the transistor, the internet, and the smart phone - and there is much more to come. In this episode: Pierre Meystre, Editor-in-Chief, American Physical Society and Regents Professor Emeritus, UofA; Leslie Tolbert, Ph.D., Regents' Professor in Neuroscience at the UA