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Think101: Conversations


Think101: Conversations
81 min2016 SEP 1
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There's a relatively new movement in science called the “Open Science Framework” where researchers put all their cards on the table and make predictions before collecting a single data point. Will it change the way that people conduct experiments? Where do you draw the line between science and mere observation? Carefully controlled experiments trump multiple regression analyses, so why are they often treated equally? Why is the notion of ”wiggling events" so critical in experimentation? Can experimental psychologists calibrate their measurements in the same way that astronomers calibrate their telescopes? Reading: Mindware by Richard Nisbett, “Experiments natural and experiments proper” and “Eekonomics.” Guests: Jason Tangen, Rachel Searston, Ruben Laukkonen, Gianni Ribeiro, Jeremy Nash, and Josephine Echberg. Learn more at think101.org.