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Think101: Conversations


Think101: Conversations
75 min2016 SEP 1
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What makes a good self-experiment? If our ratings of happiness change depending on whether we're in the moment (the experiencing self) or reflecting on the day (the remembering self), which one should we privilege? Self reports are generally very tricky because they're susceptible to all sorts of framing effects, so what's the solution? How far can you generalise the results of an experiment on yourself compared to the results of an experiment on several other people? Would you be more likely to change your behaviour after running a self-experiment than you would if you just read about the same experiment on other people? Reading: Mindware by Richard Nisbett, “Don’t ask, can’t tell.” Guests: Jason Tangen, Rachel Searston, Ruben Laukkonen, Gianni Ribeiro, Jeremy Nash, and Melissa Lane. Learn more at think101.org.