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The Honest Casanova Podcast | Brutally Honest Dating Advice For Men
9 MIN2018 MAY 18
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Dating isn't about MAKING people like you...
It's not about "winning" someone's interest...

It's about unashamedly being who you are, honestly communicating that, and letting the chips lay where they fall.

Ironically, the side effect is you will make the right people like you (because now you've communicated who you are) and they get it. This is how you "win" a ladies interest, her body, and her heart.

By you being the right guy, who can communicate who he is, to the right person at the right time.

Dating goes from a "what do I say to get her to like me" to "do I even like this chick? Is she even someone I'd enjoy spending time with?"

Massive re-frame, massive result shift.

This is how you get the high-quality women - You unlearn the layers of shit you've stacked on over the years, free yourself to honestly express your intentions, attract the right people and push away the wrong.

But doing that simply isn't enough, because what if you're expressing yourself honestly and still not attracting the women that you want? Well, then you need to upgrade yourself (which is done through some serious self-work).

If you're unhappy with the quality of women in your life then it's something that you're doing that is getting that result. Best to fix it.