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The New Paradigm Podcast – Morten Hake and The New Paradigm Podcast

Morten Hake: Lifestyle Coach, Three Principles Facilitator and Online Entrepreneur

The New Paradigm Podcast – Morten Hake and The New Paradigm Podcast
52 min2015 NOV 18
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Today I guested by Three Principles Trainer, Diet and Nutrition Advisor and Raw Food Coach Elaine Hilides. 
Elaine has worked in the wellbeing and weight loss field for over a decade and has helped hundreds of clients get the life and body that they want. in 2013, she published the book ‘MindFullness: The No-Diet Diet Book’ which does great on Kindle, and now she just released a brand new, six-week course called ‘Love food and lose weight without dieting‘ which already have 389 students in just a few weeks. 
We shared stage at the Unlimited 2015 event in Finland in September, and she told some amazing stories of health recovery in not just the weight loss area, but also areas such as cancer. So I’m really excited to get to know Elaine better and listen to her experience of seeing and teaching this new paradigm of psychology. 
In this episode, we touch upon…

How Elaine went from working with NLP, being in her head “tracking” instead of being present with the client, and how seeing this new paradigm increased her coaching result tremendously
How “health is an inside job”, and how you can have a peaceful mind, no matter what happens to you. Even cancer.
How and why Elaine love to work with people diagnosed with an illness, and what happens when they realise the true nature of their experience.
The story about a guy who was ready to throw himself in the river, and what happened
The amazing difference of a “spinning mind” and being present.
How not fixing problems, get’s us through them.
Elaine’s new, very successful health program; Lose Weight: Love Food and Lose Weight Without Dieting. Six Weeks to Effortless Weight Loss and a Healthy, Happy, New You Forever!

PS. PPS. I’m really excited to share that I’m opening up a brand new service! One of the most common questions I get is how I’ve sat up my business and how I’m able to live the lifestyle I do. Finally, after having the idea for ages, I’m developing a comprehensive program for people who have a dream to massively impact people’s lives while travelling the world and creating a popular personal brand. In the making of this, I’m looking for 5 people to join a custom-tailored, private inner circle where you’ll be working closely with me. You’ll get transformational coaching to steel-strengthen your ‘inner game’ and ensure your confidence is flourishing. Furthermore, you’ll get branding and marketing strategies, accountability(!) and all your burning questions answered to get a good headstart creating that lifestyle. If this peaks your curiosity, let’s have a chat about it! Simply send me an email to contact@mortenhake.com saying you’re interested and I’ll get back to you.