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The New Paradigm Podcast – Morten Hake and The New Paradigm Podcast

Morten Hake: Lifestyle Coach, Three Principles Facilitator and Online Entrepreneur

The New Paradigm Podcast – Morten Hake and The New Paradigm Podcast
69 min2015 DEC 23
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In this episode of The New Paradigm Podcast Morten is guested by Tony Broadbent, a Transformative State of Mind and Performance Specialist who came from a background in NLP and is now spreading this new paradigm of understanding to the world, with a diverse range of clients including sports professionals, business leaders, sales teams, entrepreneurs, companies, elite athletes, as well as general members of the public.

Tony has been working with different kind of companies all around the world sharing the inside-out paradigm, which has given incredible results. One of the sales teams he was training went from not been hitting the target for 5 years, into doing it every single month(!) The sales went up with 17 % after only 2 days of training with Tony. In this very honest, open and heartfelt conversation between Morten and Tony, you will hear amazing stories of people getting new insights and better results with way less effort. 

They'll also touch upon:

Death and Sorrow - Morten's shares his very personal story about going through sorrow and anxiety for death. 

That all-so-familiar EGO we all battle with, and how understanding this new paradigm results in more appreciation and a substantial drop in the ego.

The secrets of being yourself and not having to please anyone in order to live in a great feeling

The "Insecurity-dance"-trap and how you'll avoid it. 

Seeing and appreciating the small things in life (This is so powerful!).

And more....