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The New Paradigm Podcast – Morten Hake and The New Paradigm Podcast

Morten Hake: Lifestyle Coach, Three Principles Facilitator and Online Entrepreneur

The New Paradigm Podcast – Morten Hake and The New Paradigm Podcast
60 min2019 NOV 6
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Sara Priestley is a teacher, writer & coach who shares her understanding of who we really are beyond the characters we are playing.

In an exploration of awareness, she spends her time helping people out of suffering by talking about what we inherently know without our stories and concepts. On her website http://www.livinglifesideways.co.uk, she shares beautiful poetry, videos, and articles all around this exploration of the mind, non-duality and who we truly are.

She also recently released her first published book: Quintessence: the poetry of true nature which is a collection of poetry and musings on who we are.

In this wonderful conversation, Sara and Tess Strömberg talk about who we truly are beyond concepts, and why it doesn’t make sense to try and fix ourselves. They also talk about:

-Coming home to who you truly are.
-Who we are when nothing else is there
-The root cause of suffering
-What happens when we feel insecure
-Why we don’t need any outside “thing” to be happy
-Less me and more wisdom, and how that sparks the inspiration
-How we cannot fix something that doesn’t exist.
-How to go from feeling terrible to feeling peaceful
-The beauty of how there is no separation between mind and matter - -
-There is nothing outside of awareness
...and much much more.

Hope you enjoy it!