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Ask Our Parent Coach

Working with Parents

Ask Our Parent Coach
29 MINAPR 11
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This show is brought to you by “Working with Parents” Central Ohio’s leading parenting experts and coaches - where we create a safe place for parents to seek help and support on topics such as parenting, communication, relationships, and Emotional Intelligence. 

Today we are going to talk about Relationships and Communication. We all know how important GOOD communication is with your partner.

  • How learning positive communication strategies can help “baby proof” your relationship before and after having children

  • Why is it so important to learn effective ways to communicate early on and the direct impact this can have on young children and how they learn to communicate as they grow up.

As Gottman educators, we want to share with you some of the best practices and 40 years of researched-based concepts from Dr. John Gottman and his Love Lab where he studied and watched over 3000 couples and families. From his research, he was able to identify the MASTERS from the DISASTERS in couples and what we can learn from the couples who MASTERED their relationships.

Learn more about Working with Parents, LLC by visiting our website at www.workingwithparents.com 

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