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Mastering New Motherhood Summit! 

We all know how important GOOD communication is with your partner. But throw in sleep deprivation, the physical and emotional demands of a new baby, going back to work, etc. and communication can fall apart.

“We know that the stronger you have a deeper connection with your partner that it’s going to transition over to your children what that looks like. ” ~Terry Manrique

“The best gift you can give to your baby is a stronger and healthy relationship between the parents. The question is how do we get there.” ~Elina Greiff

How learning positive communication strategies can help “baby proof” your relationship before and after the baby arrives. Why is it so important to learn effective ways to communicate early on and the direct impact this can have on how a young child learns to communicate as they grow up. How quality over quantity of time spent can help prevent sibling rivalry.

This is the audio from our session with Stacy from Baby's Best Beginning.

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