Himalaya: Listen. Learn. Grow.

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23 minJUN 22
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Manjunath Shivkumar (Manj) is a typical leader of the pack with rigour and strength to influence people around him with enviable ease. At the peak of his career, he quit his job( much to the surprise of those around him) to chart out a new life through self discovery redefining everything that motivated him. His story is a beacon for those who are sucessfull in all their might but feel an emptiness they cant define. It's also relatable to those who've faced the tragedy of loss of relationships and bottle up emotions .This is an inspiring story of embracing, accepting and forgiving yourself and building your life strength by strength through a journey inward. Of all the things we acknowledge and those we miss acknowledging- The courage of seeking and embracing our truth is one of the biggest leaps of courage humans can take. Tune in to listen to Manjs story of redefining strength and success through vulnerability and acceptance of his truth.