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Choose Don't Excuse

Jody and Judie Sedrick

Choose Don't Excuse
39 min2020 MAR 5
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New ventures mean new challenges and opportunities to grow. Do we double down to ensure that we exceed? Or do we expect it to come easy and complain because we “have to do extra”? Are you willing to do what’s needed?

Show highlights

  • Judie’s favorite place to get dark chocolate

  • Inspired by Judie doubling down to make sure she succeeds at her new job

  • What are you doing to invest in yourself?

  • “I don’t view it as extra”

  • How are you owning up? Are you wiling to pay the costs of that goal?

  • Decide that it’s not an option

  • If you’re not evolving you are stagnating

  • What it takes to excel at elite levels

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Jody & Judie Sedrick


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