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Choose Don't Excuse

Jody and Judie Sedrick

Choose Don't Excuse
36 min2020 MAR 21
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The entire world is talking about and affected by the Corona Virus. We're not letting it hold us down. We explore adjustments we are making at home and work to stay on a positive and productive track. Corona is not going to hold us down. Let's foster a spirit of love, support, resilience and action so  we can all rise up this challenge.

Show Highlights

  • Shifts we’ve made at work to accommodate the impact of Corona

  • The power of daily standup and accountability

  • Judie’s baptism by fire at Alaska Airlines

  • Corona has forced us to put in place things to make us more efficient and accountable

  • Scarcity mentality and taking for granted the little things

  • Look at the things you can do

  • Judie’s experience of learning something new and being expected to execute immediately

  • Keep an open mind don’t shut down

  • There are ways to adapt so that we can connect and support each other

  • Recognize some people are scared. It’s our time to wrap our arms around them and show some grace

Check out last week’s episode “Be Like Water” https://open.spotify.com/episode/7mtiR3Iy9WzTYeBFBIQQDs

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Mahalo! Jody & Judie Sedrick


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