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Choose Don't Excuse

Jody and Judie Sedrick

Choose Don't Excuse
33 min2020 APR 23
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Does Corona have you complaining or creating? Complaining and grumbling is easy! Creativity can take a little more effort but the rewards are far greater! What are you doing to get creative during this time of being “Safe at Home”?

Show highlights:

  • Ke’ilani’s volleyball team encouraging the team mates to learn something new every week.

  • Kids thinking out side of the box

  • Opposition creates innovation and creativity

  • Challenge with complainers

  • Getting creative with kids at home

  • Finding more effective ways to work together at work and at home

  • Biggest challenge is the illness and not being able to work

  • Work is an emotional, physical and spiritual necessity

  • Taking advantage of the time you have

  • Encumbered by fear darkens our perspective

  • Peeling off the paint - What’s it going to look like on the other side?

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Jody & Judie Sedrick