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For years, I've built a reputation for being a guy that never misses a chance for a good conversation. Sometimes I head out the door for a good old-fashion "Talkabout" - an ode to Crocodile Dundee's "Walkabout."

I'm not sure when it began, but since exploring life's possibilities is a core value, I know why; there is no better way to learn something new than striking up a random conversation with another human.

But, there are rules:

1) You must be focused on exploring and open to following whatever direction the conversation goes. No judgment. No challenging.

2) Your mouth should be open as little as possible. When you speak, everything you say should focus on learning more from the person in front of you.

3) No matter what you hear, remember that you checked your ego; you are here to listen and learn. When you feel the need to make it about you, it's time to move on to the next conversion.

Maybe I should start calling them "Listenabouts."