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For Love Only: Courageous Conversations

Faith Joyner

For Love Only: Courageous Conversations
58 minFEB 25
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I just love a juicy women's only chat! So in today's episode, "What Would You Do? Galentines Version", I invited some of my girlfriends to answer the following questions: ⁣⁣1. What would you do if you knew your close friend's partner was cheating on her? ⁣⁣2. What would you do if someone outside of your race wants to be in a committed relationship with you? ⁣⁣3. What would you do if your partner wants to have children but you didn't (or vice versa)? ⁣⁣4. What would you do if a man wants to date you but didn't have the same educational credentials you have? ⁣⁣My oh my you all do NOT want to miss these answers! Damita, Erin, Jamila, Marla, & Melisha thank you all for lending your voices to these great topics. Ladies, get your drink of choice and listen in on this courageous conversation!⁣
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