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Handcuffed to Freedom

Nathaniel Mckowen

Handcuffed to Freedom
38 min2020 OCT 14
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Steve Scharboneau shares his inspiring tale of how he found fulfilment in his life by following his dreams, despite everyone telling him it wasn't possible.Steve was incarcerated just days after his eighteenth birthday. Following the pain of the 2008 economic recession, with absolutely no educational background, he decided he wanted to become an attorney. Just last week, the Arizona Supreme Court gave him the stamp of approval to get started practicing law. From getting his G.E.D. in prison to becoming a lawyer, his journey has had many challenges. These challenges led to his work as an advocate for reforms to Arizona’s criminal justice system, including a bill he spearheaded (that became law last year in AZ) that prevents predatory companies from making money off of people's mugshots. Contact Steve at SteveVPC@gmail.com------------------------------------------Contact us at handcuffed2freedom@gmail.comIf you’d like to support us, you can at www.patreon.com/handcuffedtofreedomCheck out our Youtube where we have more resources at Handcuffed to FreedomFacebook.    Instagram.