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Ashley Prasad

4 min2020 APR 26
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My beautiful Friend , i just wanted to remind you , how precious you are and maybe you are in a season of JOBELESSNESS or a season of people just saying so many things , which end up hurting you . I just wanted to tell you , all this will change , you are not what anybody says. You are a blessing God knew exactly how special and beautiful you are , as he was creating you , so dont ever doubt your worth . And i know , how bad you feel , for not having a job , and you are unable to help your family.. but believe me , if we wallow in our self pity..that is not going to change... But if we take small steps.. like studying more , if you have to retake an exam..or working more on creative stuff...or doing something...the moment we begin that START button , nobody can stop us.. you are extremely talented my dear , no matter where you are , always remember that okay. And nobody can take that away from you.. you can achieve anything you set your heart and mind to. And do tell me how this episode 1 was and what are you struggling with at the moment ️ YOU GOT THIS


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