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#iamAvanti -> I Am Moving Forward -> Stories of Transformation


#iamAvanti -> I Am Moving Forward -> Stories of Transformation
38 min2020 JUN 23
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Avanti's very own Jessica and Silas talked about Silas' ongoing process of self-acceptance. Listen in and be inspired to keep moving forward! Stay tuned for the next episode!


  • 0:42- Meet Silas

  • 1:45 - Silas explains what it is like on the East Coast vs on the West Coast

  • 4:21 - Silas talks about his journey of self-acceptance, and what that process means to him

  • 6:40 - “This journey has been obviously really centered around my gender journey and being trans but I do feel like it really extends into so much more than.” - Silas

  • 11:07 - Silas speaks about confronting your fears of self-reflection

  • 14:08 - Jessica speaks about OCD and what it means to experience an anxiety based mental illness like that

  • 14:50 - Silas talks about sitting with your feelings, and the process of moving from fear to witnessing them

  • 18:58 - Silas talks about his expectations of the modified world vs. what it means to become a modified person

  • 22:12 - Silas talks about his dream of being a tattoo artist

  • 23:38 - Silas talks about what it means to be Jewish, trans, tattooed and pierced

  • 25:15 - Jessica and Silas talk about living the questions and moving past the identities given into the identities chosen

  • 36:01 - Silas wraps up the conversation with one more piece of advice on coming to terms with your true self

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