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#iamAvanti -> I Am Moving Forward -> Stories of Transformation


#iamAvanti -> I Am Moving Forward -> Stories of Transformation
34 min2020 JUN 24
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Jessica and Alexa talk about Alexa's love for animals and for piercings. Stay tuned for the next episode! Listen in and leave your comments below!


  • 0:42 - Meet Alexa

  • 1:17 - “It’s kind of nice in a medical specialty being able to express yourself that way without feeling limited by your job.” - Alexa

  • 1:37 - Alexa talks about what got her into being a Veterinary Technician

  • 2:53 - Alexa shares their clinic’s operation during the pandemic crisis

  • 4:20 - Alexa talks about what led her to get piercings

  • 6:05 -  Alexa’s piercings journey

  • 10:29 - “I felt truly unique with my spiral on my right ear where I felt like that one was different and not one that a lot of people have so that was my special place.” - Alexa

  • 10:46 - The piercing that makes Alexa feel the most unique

  • 18:56 - Alexa shares what led her dedicate her life to animals

  • 20:24 - “ I love talking about husbandry and the care of those animals with clients. I think it’s fun to share that knowledge and I try to do it in a way where they feel safe and not like they’re judged.” - Alexa

  • 21:20 - “One of the reasons why we started doing these calls is you look after animals the way that I look after people’s piercings.” - Jessica

  • 22:24 - Alexa explains her misconception before she started getting piercings versus now

  • 29:23 - Alexa concludes the conversation with talking about her favorite animal

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