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#iamAvanti -> I Am Moving Forward -> Stories of Transformation


#iamAvanti -> I Am Moving Forward -> Stories of Transformation
26 min2020 JUN 25
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Jessica and Melissa talk about how piercings help Melissa become more confident and appreciate her features more. Stay tuned for the next episode! Listen in and leave your comments below! 


  • 0:38 - Meet Melissa

  • 2:39 - Melissa and Jessica talk about their piercings and their piercing experience

  • 6:00 - Melissa shares how she became more confident after being pierced

  • 9:26 - Melissa and Jessica share their parent’s take with their piercings

  • 12:47 -  “I honestly think a lot of it has nothing to do with the stigma with modification and it has everything to do with the fact that their child is growing up.” - Jessica

  • 13:40 - Melissa talks about how she would incorporate art in the job she wanted to do

  • 16:59 - Melissa reveals the reason why she wanted to help people who learn differently

  • 19:20 - “I don't really talk about my piercings in like, hoping that they would understand. I just definitely be myself.” - Melissa

  • 22:50 - Melissa shares what piercing she is looking forward to get after the pandemic

  • 25:15 - Melissa ends the conversation with advice to those who are afraid to get pierced but really wants to

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