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#iamAvanti -> I Am Moving Forward -> Stories of Transformation


#iamAvanti -> I Am Moving Forward -> Stories of Transformation
29 min2020 JUL 8
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Jessica and Zani talk about their piercing experiences. Zani also shares how it is like to grow up in a foster care system. Stay tuned for the next episode! Listen in and leave your comments below!


  • 0:44 - Meet Zani

  • 1:33 - Zani talks about her piercings

  • 6:46 - Zani’s advice before getting a piercing

  • 7:56 - “I think any form of modification is a way to let your inside shine out” - Jessica

  • 8:02 - Jessica and Zani talks about listening to one’s inner voice to express oneself

  • 11:10 - “Piercings and tattoos helped me find myself.” - Jessica

  • 11:39 - Zani gives advice to everyone who is nervous to make a change for themselves

  • 13:04 - Zani’s advice to the young ones who are new to modification who are having a hard time dealing with negative comments

  • 16:20 - Zani shares her experience growing up in foster care

  • 20:13 - Zani talks about the misconceptions associated with people who grew up in the foster care system

  • 25:21 - Zani shares how empowering it is to have one’s own sibling in foster care

  • 27:34 - Zani concluded the interview by giving advice to anyone who's facing any challenges at home

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