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#iamAvanti -> I Am Moving Forward -> Stories of Transformation


#iamAvanti -> I Am Moving Forward -> Stories of Transformation
34 min2020 JUL 17
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Jessica and Ann talk about how piercings and body modifications transform them as a person. Listen and learn to this fun conversation! Stay tuned for the next episode!


  • 1:00 - Meet Ann

  • 2:33 - “It's nice to get to know more people and be able to help them.” - Ann

  • 5:38 - Ann talks about her piercings

  • 9:55 - “I actually wasn't planning on getting in on anything pierced but I kind of have this shiny ball syndrome where I see jewelry and then I want it!” - Ann

  • 10:31 - Ann narrates how she got her first piercing

  • 15:59 - Ann’s whole timeline of getting her piercings

  • 19:33 - Ann shares what piercing she is looking forward to have

  • 20:27 - “It's always fun. I see it as a collaborative art project.” - Jessica

  • 21:20 - Ann shares how she feels with her piercings and body modifications

  • 23:51 - Jessica and Ann talks about how piercings transformed them as a person

  • 32:37 - Ann ends the conversation with an advice

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