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#iamAvanti -> I Am Moving Forward -> Stories of Transformation


#iamAvanti -> I Am Moving Forward -> Stories of Transformation
22 min2020 JUL 21
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Jessica and Sammie talk about how their life experiences transformed them into the person they are today. They also discuss the dangers of piercing oneself. Stay tuned for the next episode! Listen in and leave your comments below!


  • 0:41 - Meet Sammie

  • 1:31 - Sammie shares what got her into aesthetics

  • 5:59 - Sammie talks about how she wants to look the way that she do since she were five

  • 9:59 - Jessica and Sammie talk about how they confide to their sisters about their piercings

  • 13:38 - Sammie gives advice to those who are struggling with their parents and doesn’t have the same sense of self

  • 15:09 - “It's gonna be okay,you can always take piercings out and get them repierced and don't do it yourself.” - Sammie

  • 16:00 - Jessica and Sammie discuss the possible outcomes if you pierce yourself

  • 19:11 - Sammie shares the craziest thing she have ever done to her hair

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