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Inspire House Podcast

Inspiring Children Foundation

Inspire House Podcast
37 MIN2019 MAY 14
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Today on NO QUIT PODCAST, a NO QUIT PROFILE on the story of Cherrial Odell who overcame two attempted suicides at the age of 13 to find sustainable peace of mind and happiness.  Part 1 of 2. 

NO QUIT is a LIFE 101 podcast providing everything you need to know about life, love, peace of mind, and the principles of happiness. NO QUIT is powered by the Jewel Never Broken Program, which was founded by 4-time Grammy nominated singer Jewel, and is presented by the Inspiring Children Foundation. In this new podcast you will hear conversations between the kids in the Never Broken program as well insights from Ryan Wolfington, the founder of the Inspiring Children Foundation.

The topics we cover are relevant to just about anyone, whether you're a teenager, college student, just starting out in your career, or even a parent.  Our mission is to find deep and sustainable happiness and peace of mind in our own lives. We hope this podcast can help you in your quest to do the same.  Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe, rate, and review!

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