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Love Dripping From The Walls

Elizabeth Cunningham

Love Dripping From The Walls
34 min2020 DEC 16
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Season 4 is here!

What is Season 4 all about?

This season we will be talking with people who are Black Indigenous, people of color who are also in the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and more) Community. 

My goal in this season, along with all of my seasons, is that the people who identify with my guests feel validated, seen, heard and know that they are not alone in their experience of life. 

It is also my goal that those people who do not directly identify with my guests can learn how people who are different from them experience the world and that they gain a greater understanding of others and their view points.

My goal in all of this is that we gain a greater connection as people on this planet. When we know what others experience and see each other as humans just like ourselves with fears, dreams, concerns, aspirations and views, we can begin to heal and love one another for our differences and similarities.

As my wonderful co-host says in the episode, "These are important and meaty topics, especially in this day and age as we start thinking about the intersection of racial justice and LGBTQ [...] solidarity and freedoms."

Meet My Co-Host!

Jami Smith is an incredible human who is dedicated to inclusion, education and that the world is a safe and inviting place for ALL people. Her credentials are far and wide. Here are a few:

Staffer for Obama 2008, 2012 and Clinton in 2016

Very active in WA state democratic party

Was on the executive board of King County Democrats in Washington, USA

A former Precinct Committee Officer for 37th legislative Dems

A DNC delegate representing 9th congressional district

Served on board of Emerge WA which recruits women to run for office

Ran for Renton City Council, Washington USA

Jami is also a Black and bisexual woman who will also be sharing from her experiences and her point of view during the season, as well. 

"Hopefully, we can model [these conversations] for other folks in your audience. That they can create these environments for themselves and their families, their friends [...] where we can have conversation where we can mess up, we can ask for forgiveness and we can do better. I think that's going to be the legacy of this season." - Jami Smith

"When you don't know what you don't know, it's hard to even find a place to stand to start learning." - Elizabeth Cunningham


Elizabeth Ann Cunningham

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