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Love Dripping From The Walls

Elizabeth Cunningham

Love Dripping From The Walls
59 min2020 DEC 31
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What is a monolith?

A large and impersonal political, corporate, or social structure regarded as intractably indivisible and uniform.

Ok, great. But really, what does that mean?

When we overgeneralize about a group or about people it can become so culturally engrained that the assumption becomes inseparable from the individual people. 

Our panel of guests talk about what their as-lived experience is in having these over-generalizations put on them throughout their lives. They share about how negative stereotypes have impacted them but even how positive stereotypes have had harmful impacts, as well.

The goal in all of this is that we gain a greater connection as people. When we know what others experience and see each other as humans just like ourselves with fears, dreams, concerns, aspirations and views, we can begin to heal and love one another for our differences and similarities.

Host: Elizabeth Cunningham

Elizabeth is a Love Coach currently living in Seattle, WA. 

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Co-Host: Jami Smith

Jami Smith is an incredible human who is dedicated to inclusion, education and that the world is a safe and inviting place for ALL people. Her credentials are far and wide.

Listen to the Pre-Season Episode to learn more about Jami!




V Babida

V is a queer artist & herbalist based in Seattle, Washington. They are a small business owner. They are a fierce mental health advocate and dedicated to building a business focused on intentional self-care.


Rah Bryant

"I’m a queer black lady that is engaged.  I work in procurement for Facebook, a predominantly white field.  I’m 32 and from Santa Fe NM.  Fun fact : I can only snap with my pinky .  Lol"

Puppy Tsai

Born and raised in Taiwan, Puppy graduated from the University of Michigan and is currently living with her partner and cats in NYC. She loves science, technology, art, music, and enjoys doing 30-day challenges.


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