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Operation: Project

Caroline Swords

Operation: Project
73 minMAY 22
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Alan McMonagle is an award-winning Galway-based writer, with loads of short stories, radio plays and a couple of novels to his name. His latest novel, Laura Cassidy's Walk Of Fame, was published by Picador in March 2020 - an unfortunate time for marketing a new work, it being the outset of a global pandemic and all. Caroline read it over one weekend when she was ill with COVID-19, and protagonist Laura's relatable, hilarious delusions and fresh, funny voice provided a welcome distraction at that difficult time.

They talk about the entirely of the novel-writing process: from initial stirrings to cranking it out, through the editing and publishing stages and beyond, as well as the never-ending benefits of making genuine relationships with other artists, as demonstrated by Alan’s valuable, lifelong correspondence with Pat McCabe. He clues Caroline in on his big secret to finishing a novel - listen to the episode to find out what it is!