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Operation: Project

Caroline Swords

Operation: Project
63 minMAR 29
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I recorded Episode 10 of my podcast 16th February 2020, barely 6 weeks ago. So much has changed since - then, Allie and I hugged, talked for hours right across a table, went for a leisurely lunch - things that are impossible now, to who knows when.
I wanted to catch up with Allie see how she was getting on during lockdown, so we Skyped for Episode 11 on 21st March. Allie’s still cranking out her community-led creativity even in the grip of a pandemic, with nightly shows on the Hysteria Ireland Comedy Network on Facebook, so if you’re interested in how a creative persons keeps it all going in the face of a crisis, have a listen to Episode 11 too.

Allie O’Rourke - stand-up comedian and comedy promoter - is one of Dublin’s hardest-working comedians, playing over 300 gigs in 18 months all over the country, refining her comedic skillset to reach and entertain everyone who sees her. Caroline appreciates how she’s developing her queer comedy club Token Straight into a recognisable brand, taking it from a Dublin city basement to nationwide, and online to the world - working smart to make it not just for clued-in LBGQT audiences, but for anyone who loves good comedy.
They talk about how to maintain the initial creative burst throughout a project, the checklist for a guaranteed killer comedy room, and the importance of supporting others to build a community together.
DIY or die!