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Operation: Project

Caroline Swords

Operation: Project
32 minMAR 29
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Allie O’Rourke - stand-up comedian and comedy promoter - is one of Dublin’s hardest-working comedians, playing over 300 gigs in 18 months all over the country, refining her comedic skillset to reach and entertain everyone who sees her.
I wanted to catch up with Allie see how she was getting on during lockdown, so we Skyped for Episode 11 on 21st March 2020. Allie’s still cranking out her community-led creativity even in the grip of a pandemic, with nightly shows on the Hysteria Ireland Comedy Network on Facebook.

I also spoke with Allie for Episode 10 of Operation: Project, recorded 5 weeks earlier, so if you want to hear how optimistic for the future we were, and what our plans were, do have a listen to Episode 10.

So much has changed since - there is a whole a new set of challenges for the creative person to overcome, but just because we can’t be in the same room as our collaborators, we can still support each other and entertain ourselves, and an audience, together.