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The Calm Collective

Cassandra Eldridge

The Calm Collective
5 minSEP 22
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Today we're going to dive into specifics - decluttering those tangible items that can at times, feel extremely hard to let go of and to part with. Especially since you've already spent the money. Breathe deep, sister. I want to challenge you to dig deep, to get really honest with yourself about what it is you value, need and actually reach for, and let go of the rest. Make room. Not for more things, but for space. // In today's episode, the SECOND day of the Declutter Challenge we uncover: The weight from holding onto things that don't hold value How to go room by room and face items head on - deciphering if they're worthy of your space The self awareness that comes from doing this decluttering work If you'd like to take this work pen to paper, and to download the charts that I've created, you can sign up for the challenge right here and get that download for FREE, delivered straight to your inbox. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thecalmcollective/support