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The Calm Collective

Cassandra Eldridge

The Calm Collective
7 minSEP 23
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Today's challenge is probably the hardest of them all. Tackling the sentimental clutter. 

You know - the gifts from friends and family, the shirt we wore to "x" concert, the bracelet from an ex that you miss, or the chipped coffee mug that got you through 4 years of college finals. 

I get it. It's tough. But if I can do it with some of the things that my late father gave me, you can do it, too. 


In today's episode, the THIRD day of the Declutter Challenge we uncover:

  • Releasing guilt and shame from letting things go that were gifted

  • Working through your 3 piles to realize what holds value, what could be re-gifted, and what could be donated

  • Turning a negative emotion into a positive by choosing how to recycle the item 

  • Reaching deep to discover 5 ways how you'd like your life to feel and look like

  • How decluttering is a deep reprograming exercise that requires rest and integration


If you'd like to take this work pen to paper, and to download the charts that I've created, you can sign up for the challenge right here and get that download for FREE, delivered straight to your inbox.


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