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The Calm Collective

Cassandra Eldridge

The Calm Collective
6 minSEP 24
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In Day 04 of the challenge, I want to dive into your patterns. You know, the pieces of you that allow and contribute to clutter building up and to being okay with owning things that don't hold value. There's nothing wrong with this - in fact, it's human nature, but the good news is that it can absolutely be reversed (I'm proof), and in it's place, healthy boundaries around what comes into your home, and why. // In today's episode, the FOURTH day of the Declutter Challenge we uncover: Breaking free from living your life on auto-pilot Recognizing our void filling actions Calling out your patterns that equate to clutter Getting honest with the "why" behind these patterns // If you'd like to take this work pen to paper, and to download the charts that I've created, you can sign up for the challenge right here and get that download for FREE, delivered straight to your inbox. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thecalmcollective/support