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The Real Woman Podcast

Samantha Ember

The Real Woman Podcast
49 min2019 JUN 26
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Finding Time for the things most important to You.“A year from now, you may wish you had started today”With so many things pulling on our attention, so many “to-do’s” on our daily list, how do we still find the timeto actually give time towards building our dreams, aspirations and goals?One of the things that used to be an issue for me (and a really strong pain point), was getting to the end of each day having taken care of everyone else’s needs, and realising that I wasn’t even on the “to-do” list; that somehow amongst the busyness of the day, and all I gave, it seemed that no-one had taken care of me. I realised years ago, that I had to be the one first and foremost who took care of Me, who prioritised my own needs and wants onto my daily list.It wasn’t until I learned to put my own self-care onto my list of vital priorities, that others around me could also learn how to put me onto their list as well.It took me giving myself the gift of valuing myself enough to be able to clarify how and where I was devaluing my own time, energy and efforts, to then be able to recognise and then communicate my own wants and needs to others around me. Only then, was I able to make a stand for myself, my vision, my goals, and spread the responsibility of raising a family and running a household more equally around (Ladies, I know you’re hearing me!).Because honestly, on the micro level, I realised I could have more value, fulfilment, direction, and purpose spending one hour developing my business and my passion than I could if I’d instead spend that hour cleaning the house, for example. I realised how that “1 hour” had the potential to make the biggest impact, not only in that moment, but it’s something that actually builds towards living my dream one day.I realised “something’s gotta give”, so I understood what was worth giving up, and what was worth following. Interestingly, back then I didn’t feel like I had “enough time” to even dare dream about a passionate life where I was making a positive impact on other women - I mean, my day was already so full, right? I couldn’t possibly fit anything else in ... could I??Well for me it was learning about how to let go of what’s not important, and what’s not building towards that wonderful, beautiful future self that I envision for myself.And then valuing that vision as so dear and important to me, so important that when I future-visualised my future life, I couldn’t bear the thought of life being the same as it was that day for the next 10, 20, 30 years.There’s a saying “A year from now, you may wish you had started today”, and so the shift in my mindset had become in understanding what it is that I had to be doing today, that my future self could thank me for.What is it that YOUR future self could thank you for starting today?Tune in to discover the steps and strategies to overcoming the so-common projection of “I just don’t have enough time”. We talk about how we manage this misconception, and how to find time for the things that really, truly matter to you, and that beautiful future-self that you have living inside of you RIGHT NOW.I know that there’s a whisper on the inside of you now, that knows that you have bigger and more fulfilling things in your potential, and in your future.I make a stand for that voice, for the voice others may not hear from you, or you yourself may not yet currently give air to.That voice is your future-self whispering to you, calling you to follow the fragrance that will lead you to unlocking much greater purpose in your life. With love, Samantha -------- Episode 4's Resource :We talked about many things that really make a difference to you creating more time for what matters most to you, and during the podcast, I promised to post one of the resources I mentioned here in the show notes. You can access it here :www.empoweryourpotential.com.au/resources.htm#StephenCovey-UrgentImportantMatrix