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The Real Woman Podcast

Samantha Ember

The Real Woman Podcast
34 min2019 MAY 29
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Do you ever wonder why you sometimes don’t feel good enough, or not quite okay with where you are? Do you sometimes feel uneasy with where you’re at, knowing that you want to be somewhere else, experiencing something else, feeling something different to what you’re feeling in that moment?Welcome to a really common experience - you are NOT alone in feeling this.How do we feel a sense of acceptance, connection and self-love, when so much seems to go wrong at times, or where we’re itching to arrive at the next level, and are feeling impatient with the gap between where we are and where we want to be?In today’s episode we discuss all of this, as well as share some insight and tools to help you move through and shift these moments, as well as one of the vital keys to creating a wonderful blueprint for your path ahead.You are SO worthy of experiencing what it is you desire to experience _______________Episode 2 RESOURCES: Empower Your Potential Values List - download link here: www.EmpowerYourPotential.com.au/resources.htm