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The Same 24 Hours

Meredith Atwood

The Same 24 Hours
40 min2020 NOV 4
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Hal Elrod made it his mission in life is to Elevate the Consciousness of Humanity, One Person at a Time.

While that begins at home with my family, it has grown into a global movement through my book THE MIRACLE MORNING -- which has been translated into 37 languages and sold over 2.5 million copies.
From there, it became one the fastest-growing and most engaged online communities in existence, The Miracle Morning COMMUNITY.
Now, the story is being told in a full-length Miracle Morning MOVIE, which goes beyond the book, showing you how ordinary people are doing the extraordinary, simply by changing how they start their day.
Together, by waking up every day and dedicating time to elevating our own individual consciousness, we can elevate the collective consciousness of humanity and make the world a better place.




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