Couples Gallery Show Podcast

Zev Halpern

Couples Gallery Show Podcast
35 min2018 OCT 26
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Zev Halpern Relationship & Intimacy Coach interviews Tara and Mick Carbo, Leadership and Executive coaches respectively. Their story is truly inspirational. Having married in their teens they have raised two fabulous children and persevered to create a thriving
business and household. They have overcome tremendous obstacles including teen pregnancy, parental
consternation regarding their early decisions but beat the odds by remaining happily married and doingwhat was needed to be done to create a fantastic life for themselves and their children.

As respected coaches Tara and Mick provide leadership and guidance to individuals, executives and businesses. They are active in many charitable organizations and always step up to lead in community challenges and activities. Think you will enjoy this candid conversation with a down to earth emerging
power couple.

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