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Normalizing Non-Monogamy - Interviews in Polyamory and Swinging

Emma and Fin

Normalizing Non-Monogamy - Interviews in Polyamory and Swinging
66 min2019 MAR 6
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If you look up compersion in the dictionary, there is likely a photo of these two amazing people! They found one another after both going through divorces a few years back and have set out on a journey to live life to the fullest in every way possible. They are just starting to explore non-monogamy but have already made it to the elusive "full swap." Since then, they have started to reconsider what they want out of it and are finding their way. Oh, by the way... They do all of this with like fourteen children. Well, maybe a few less than that. Either way, this one will make your day, come have a listen! Show Notes Win a $50 STDCheck.com Gift Card Join Our Patreon Community!  $10 Off - Online STI Testing Personal Capital Atlanta Poly Weekend  Scott's Cheap Flights 10% discount at myonecondoms.com with offer code "Emma" https://www.normalizingnonmonogamy.com/