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ADP: Col. Kevin Randle (Ret), PhD

The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network

ADP: Col. Kevin Randle (Ret), PhD
60 min2020 NOV 12
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Richard L. Weaver is a retired USAF Colonel and former Special Agent of the AFOSI, as well as the retired president of an international Tactical training company. In 1994, while assigned to the Pentagon, he inherited leadership of a congressional directed audit by the General Accounting Office into what has become known as the Roswell Incident. With at the time he authored what he felt was the most compelling explanation of what happened near Roswell in a rather benign and politically correct report, what he didn’t report at the time was the chicanery and attempted manipulation by special interest outsiders who were using the audit for their own, often less than noble, purposes. This book finally tells the rest of that story.In retirement, along with his wife of 53 years, Lynda, he as been involved in animal rescue and international travel. They have two children, five grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren and live in the southeastern US.His book is called Backstory: Roswell: exclusive Untold Disclosures about the !994 Air Force Roswell Report