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Analog Girl Podcast

Analog Girl Podcast

Analog Girl Podcast
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Anxiety Check-In: What life has been like for me during COVID-19. A brief rant about being single during self-quarantine and how I have managed to maintain. 

The Anxiety Zone: A candid conversation with the Women of the Courageous Wellness Podcast. Hosts Erica and Aly share their personal experiences with anxiety, and how they have been maintaining during this pandemic. Aly, who was diagnosed with cancer shares how to manage your anxiety if you have tested positive for COVID. Erica gives us pointers on how emotional eating may be a good thing for right now.

WARNING: Erica and I have brief moments where we can't concentrate on the topic at hand because we are obsessed with the Netflix series Love is Blind. I apologize in advance.

About Courageous Wellness: 

Website: www.courageouswellnesspodcast.com 

Instagram: @courageouswellness

About LaToya D:

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