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Analog Girl Podcast

Analog Girl Podcast

Analog Girl Podcast
68 min2019 SEP 25
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Season 2 of Analog Girl is here!

Join me in the first anxiety check-in of the season and I catch yall up on what has been going on this summer. I delve into emotional eating and my journey with negative self-talk.

In the Anxiety Zone, interior designer Anthony M. Dunning joins us to give some pointers on how to create safe spaces in your home. We touch on the best types of decor to help relieve your anxiety and enhance the comfort and relaxation in your home.

About Anthony Dunning


Instagram: @anthonymdunning

Anthony’s work is best characterized as luxe, lush and authentic, with a bit of edge. His portfolio ranges from multiple projects for salon brand Fox & Jane (including their new concept LITTLELION), to the homes of prominent newsmakers, trendsetters and tastemakers, Anthony lives – Iconic by Design.

About LaToya D:

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