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Astrology For Liberation

Alyssa Ostrander

Astrology For Liberation
17 min2019 AUG 15
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It’s already been a fiery week to burn through whatever was keeping you stuck. You’re receiving an energetic update to liberate the insights that support you in expressing more of your natural self. 

Uranus and Saturn influence the Aquarius Moon as it illumines the light of the creative Leo Sun, that is smiling with the delights of Venus, within minutes of conjunction, and empowered by Mars and Juno, also close by. 

This striking polarity indicates there’s a serious reason for the harmony and ease you’re experiencing. 

We’re experiencing these extraordinary times together. Through self-development and sharing your unique voice, discovering new solutions for the humanitarian and environmental impacts we’re experiencing.

The time hasn’t arrived that everyone agrees on the answers to the problems. But the conversation is still important to move toward peace. 

But others aren't changing to adapt to your needs, only you can change to embrace more of your gifts. Doing so will energize us all collectively.

It’s up to each of us to do the work to awaken and enlighten ourselves to the multi-dimensional perspective of what’s going on and make the steady (which is Saturn) changes (Uranus) within.

You in your beautiful form, composed of innumerable cells that create and radiate life energy, are infinitely more abundant than you may know. 

As the electrons pulse in the atoms within the molecules of your individual DNA in every the cell of your body, you are a force of energy. There is a universe within you.

This energy needs intention and direction to be harnessed. What do you want to create?

You still have to do the day-to-day patterns of daily life. But within you, you’re growing and recognizing that you’re more powerful than you’ve recognized.

The powerful heart of Leo, the only sign ruled by the Sun, that we are so dependent on to enjoy a bountiful life on Earth, is giving you the courage to fully open to the energy that’s you. 

The Sun is amplified by the presence of Venus, the planet of love, money and all that’s important to you.

Mars, the planet that governs how you apply your energy and Juno the dwarf planet that identifies with relationships as the highest path for spiritual growth - are both in LEO. 

This adds an assertive edge to relationships. You may need to clear the air. The serious tone of the Aquarius Moon wants more.

You want to dance with a partner who is courageous and passionate like you.

And if that person isn’t present, the dance still goes on. You can create your own Muse and commune with the torrent of creative flow that’s blossoming for connection.

The first 2 weeks of this Leo lunar cycle that began on July 31 has been a time of inward understanding. 

With so much going on in the world, you’ve had to wonder how you could create something better. And you've felt the innocence of a child, to keep creating, no matter what, to keep your hopeful heart going.

Your courage is magnetic. And you’ve seen how others are drawn to you in these past two weeks. 

You have the perspective and push and decide to do something with the natural dynamic that’s evolved to express more of yourself.

Mercury, now in Leo, as of Sunday, when Jupiter went direct and Uranus stationed retrograde until January 11, is returns to the point it stationed retrograde on July 7, very close to a square with Uranus, and all the unexpected news it's triggered. 

It’s not going to be easy to focus on the week ahead. Consider what you want to say before you say it because there’s a lot of passion behind your words. You can’t change anyone, you can only increase your own light. 

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