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Astrology For Liberation

Alyssa Ostrander

Astrology For Liberation
21 min2019 AUG 23
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Last Quarter Moon in Gemini arrives on Friday, August 23, at 7:55am PDT/10:55am EDT/2:55pm GMT.

Right after the Sun enters Virgo at 3:01am PDT/6:01am EDT/10:01am GMT and the Moon enters Gemini at 7:34am PDT/10:34am EDT/2:34pm GMT.

Moon in Gemini is quick and perceptive. The Sun in Virgo wants results. Together as mutable planets they set up a mercurial final week of this Leo lunar phase that began on July 31. 

The essence of Gemini and Virgo prompt questions about how you can use the power of your mind to manifest the creative fire that Leo season ignited. 

Leo strengthened the vitality of you. Now the planets are shifting and adding to that self-awareness with a push you for you to systemize your ideas by approaching them more objectively. 

And this may come because of something in your life triggers this need. 

The last quarter Moon outer experiences that require a revision in your approach. You’re letting go of old patterns so that new growth can take root in sept.

With the Sun, Venus and Mars now in Virgo, there’s a lot of insight into what’s changing and how you can adapt.

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